Locally owned and operated, fully insured and licensed general contractor.

It means so much to us, we had to include “Honesty, Respect, and Integrity” it in our name. HRI Roofing and Construction is founded on the belief of doing the right thing, and maintaining honest, respectful relationships with our customers and our workforce. With putting our focus on the customer and their satisfaction, using only materials from top manufactures, and implementing a warranty that out does the competition, well not only be a customer preferred contractor but the best in the industry. We understand that when storms hit, they not only put an impact in your roof but can in your life. Let the stress roll off and let us handle it. We understand dealing with any type of construction project or even having to deal with insurance companies can be a headache. That’s why we have insurance specialists on our team to handle insurance claims from start to finish, our project managers have been trained to communicate thoroughly with the customer, and we offer payment flexibility that can accommodate everyone. At HRI, our word is bond- that’s our guarantee to you.